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year: in 2004
manufacturers in the US.
ENCORE type cessna CITATION:
price: 2132 million
country where:
2132 hours of flying hours

Cessna is a new, medium-sized, standard business excellence certificate (Excellent Model 560 XL) that was awarded the FAA Certificate of Airworthiness and was delivered in 1997. In medium-sized jet aircraft with a cabin height of 1.73 m and a maximum takeoff weight Over 90,000 kg (9072 kg) are the cheapest purchases and use, convenient and economical, with over 1,800 nautical miles and more than 400 per hour. For most business people who often travel in short to medium cruises (up to 2,500 km), the cruising speed of the sea is enough, with a 45,000-foot cap.

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