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ICE-5 Fuel anti-icing additive

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ICE-5 Fuel anti-icing additive
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ICE-5 Fuel anti-icing additive

ICE-5 fuel system icing inhibitor (FSII) : a fuel anti-icing additive for turbine fuel that acts as a fuel icing inhibitor. ICE-5 is mixed in the fuel at rates of 0,10% up to 0,15% by volume. If the aircraft has no heating system for the fuel, small amounts of free water in the fuel can freeze and block fuel lines, filters and valves. Properly used ICE-5 will prevent icing of the water in the fuel system. A positive side effect of ICE-5 is inhibition of bacteria-growth in fuel tanks.

General Information

Why should you use a fuel additive?

A fuel system icing inhibitor (FSII) is an additive for aviation fuels that prevents the formation of ice in fuel lines. Jet fuel can contain a small amount of dissolved water that does not appear in droplet form. As an aircraft gains altitude, the temperature drops and the jet fuel's capacity to hold water is diminished. Dissolved water can separate out and could become a serious problem if it freezes in fuel lines or filters, blocking the flow of fuel and shutting down an engine. ICE-5 fuel anti-icing additive controls icing in aircraft fuel by depressing the freezing point of water.

Why should you use ICE-5 fuel system icing inhibitor?

ICE-5 fuel anti-icing additive is authorized by the ASTM D4171-03 standard for use in civilian jet fuels as a fuel system icing inhibitor and is chemically formulated according to the United States Armed Forces Military Specification MIL-DTL-85470B (replacing MIL-DTL-27686). ICE-5 is mixed in the fuel at rates of 0,10% up to 0,15% by volume. ICE-5 must be distributed evenly throughout the fuel. Simply adding ICE-5 after the fuel has been pumped is therefore not sufficient! For direct addition at refueling, ICE-5 aerosols are very handy. The aerosols are delivered with a flexible tube and a clip for direct dosing in the stream of jet fuel coming out of the nozzle. One aerosol of 500ml ICE-5 can treat from 330 liter (88 US gallon) up to 500 liter (133 US gallon) of fuel.

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