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 General Terms and Conditions and Return Terms (Return of Goods or Money)




Basic provision

1. These General Business Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the "Business Terms") are issued pursuant to Section 1751 et seq. of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code (hereinafter referred to as the "Civil Code")



IČ: 07062303

 with registered office: Prague - Újezd nad Lesy, Novosibrinska 115, postal code 190 16

Place of business : Benešov 20, 256 01 Benešov, Czech Republic

registered at the Municipal Court in Prague

contact information:

email: admin@aviation.hk

Support mail:support@aviation.hk

+420 778 506 999

web: https://www.aviation.hk/

(the "Seller")


2. These Business Terms and Conditions govern the mutual rights and obligations of the Seller and the natural person who concludes the Purchase Contract outside his or her business as a consumer or in the course of its business activities (hereinafter referred to as the "Buyer") through a web- www.aviationk.hk (hereinafter referred to as the "internet shop").

3. The Terms of Business Terms and Conditions are an integral part of the Purchase Agreement. Distinctive arrangements in the Purchase Agreement take precedence over the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

4. These Business Terms and Conditions and the Purchase Agreement shall be concluded in the Czech language.



Product and price information

1. Information about the goods, including the prices of individual goods and their main features, are given for individual goods in the internet shop catalog. Goods prices are listed including VAT, all related fees, and the cost of returning the goods if these goods can not by their nature be returned by normal mail. Product prices remain valid for as long as they are displayed in the online store. This provision does not preclude the negotiation of a purchase contract under individually negotiated terms.

2. All presentations of the goods placed in the catalog of the internet shop are informative and the seller is not obliged to conclude a purchase contract for these goods.

3. Information on the costs associated with packing and delivery of goods is published in the online store. Information on the costs associated with the packing and delivery of goods listed in the online store is valid only in cases when the goods are delivered within the territory of the Czech Republic.

4. Any discounts with the purchase price of the goods can not be combined, unless the seller and the buyer otherwise agree.



Order and conclusion of the purchase contract

1. Costs incurred by the buyer when using distance means of communication in connection with the conclusion of the purchase contract (costs of internet connection, costs of telephone calls) shall be borne by the buyer himself. These costs do not differ from the basic rate.

2. The buyer carries out the order of the goods in the following ways:

through his customer account, if he has previously registered in the online store,
3. When placing an order, the buyer selects the goods, the number of items, the way of payment and delivery.

4. Before the order is dispatched, the buyer is allowed to inspect and modify the data he has placed in the order. The order is sent by the buyer to the seller by clicking on the button to review it. The data listed in the order they are deemed correct by the seller. The condition of the validity of the order is the filling in of all required data in the order form and confirmation by the buyer that he has become acquainted with these terms and conditions.

5. Immediately upon receipt of the order, the seller shall send the buyer an acknowledgment of receipt of the order to the email address the buyer entered upon ordering. This acknowledgment is automatic and is not considered to be a contract. Attachment of the confirmation is the current business conditions of the seller. The purchase contract is closed only after the order has been received by the seller. Notification of receipt of the order is delivered to the buyer's email address.

6. If any of the requirements specified in the order can not be fulfilled by the seller, the buyer will send a modified offer to his / her e-mail address. The amended offer is considered a new draft Purchase Agreement and the Purchase Agreement is then concluded by a Buyer's confirmation of acceptance of this offer by the Seller to its email address specified in these Terms and Conditions.

7. All orders received by the seller are binding. The buyer may cancel the order until the buyer receives a notice of acceptance of the order by the seller. The buyer may cancel the order by phone on the Seller's phone number or email specified in these Terms and Conditions.

8. In the event of an obvious technical error on the part of the seller when the price of the goods is placed in the online store or during the ordering, the seller is not obliged to deliver the goods to the buyer at such a manifestly erroneous price even if the buyer has been sent an automatic certificate of receive an order in accordance with these terms and conditions. The seller will inform the buyer of the error without undue delay and will send the buyer a modified offer to his / her email address. The revised bid is considered as a new draft Purchase Agreement, and the Purchase Agreement is then entered into by a Buyer Acceptance Receipt at the seller's email address.


Customer's account

1. Buyers can access their customer account based on the buyer's registration in the online store. From your customer account, buyers can order goods. The buyer can also order the goods without registration.

2. When registering to a customer account and when ordering goods, the buyer is obligated to indicate correctly and truthfully all data. The details given in the user account are obligatory for the buyer to update upon any change. The details given by the buyer in the customer account and when ordering the goods are considered correct by the seller.

3. Access to the customer account is secured by user name and password. Buyer is required to maintain confidentiality regarding the information necessary to access his customer account. The seller is not responsible for any misuse of the customer account by third parties.

4. The buyer is not entitled to allow the use of the customer account to third parties.

5. Seller may cancel the user account, especially if the buyer does not use his user account any longer, or if the buyer violates his obligations under the Purchase Agreement and these Business Terms and Conditions.

6. Buyer acknowledges that the user account may not be available continuously, especially with regard to the necessary maintenance of the hardware and software of the seller, maintenance of hardware and software of third parties.


Payment terms and delivery of goods

1. The buyer may pay the price of the goods and any costs associated with delivering the goods in accordance with the purchase contract in the following ways:

by wire transfer to the seller's account via ePayment +, Online Card Payment cash on delivery of goods,
2. Together with the purchase price, the buyer is required to pay the seller the costs associated with the packaging and delivery of the goods at the agreed rate. Unless otherwise specified, the purchase price and the costs associated with the delivery of the goods are further understood.

3. In the case of cash payments, the purchase price shall be payable upon receipt of the goods. In the case of a non-cash payment, the purchase price is payable within 7 days of the purchase contract being concluded.

4. In the case of payment through a payment gateway, the buyer proceeds according to the instructions of the relevant electronic payment provider.

5. In the case of a non-cash payment, the buyer's obligation to pay the purchase price is fulfilled when the relevant amount is credited to the seller's bank account.

6. Seller shall not require from the buyer any advance or other similar payment in advance. Payment of the purchase price before shipment of goods is not a backup.

7. Under the Sales Records Act, the seller is required to issue a receipt to the buyer. At the same time, it is obliged to register the received revenue with the tax administrator online, in the event of a technical outage, at the latest within 48 hours

8. The goods are delivered to the buyer:

to the address specified by the buyer of the order
by means of a dispenser to the address of the dispenser designated by the buyer,
9. The delivery method is chosen during the ordering of the goods.

10. The cost of delivering goods depending on the method of dispatch and receipt of the goods is stated in the buyer's order and in the order confirmation by the seller. If the mode of transport is agreed upon by a buyer's special request, the buyer bears the risk and any additional costs associated with this mode of transport.

11. If the seller is obliged to deliver the goods to the buyer's place in the order specified in the purchase order, the buyer is obliged to take delivery of the goods. If, for reasons of buyer's need, it is necessary to deliver the goods repeatedly or in a manner other than that stated in the order, the buyer is obliged to pay the costs associated with the repeated delivery of the goods, respectively. costs associated with another delivery method.

12. Upon receipt of the goods from the transporter, the buyer is obliged to check the integrity of the packaging of the goods and in case of any defects to notify the carrier without delay. In the event of a violation of the packaging indicating unauthorized entry into the consignment, Buyer is not required to take delivery of the consignment from the carrier.

13. The Seller shall issue to the Purchaser a tax document - an invoice. / Tax document is attached to the goods delivered.

14. The buyer acquires ownership of the goods by paying the full purchase price for the goods, including delivery costs, but first by taking over the goods. Responsibility for the accidental destruction, damage or loss of the goods passes to the buyer at the moment of taking over the goods or when the buyer was obliged to take over the goods but did not do so in contravention of the purchase contract.

15. Customer payment, order processing time usually takes 2-3 days, once the package is sent, you can view the express tracking code through the order details.

    In addition, delivery of paid packages from European warehouses usually takes 7 to 14 days to complete. Free parcels take 14 to 20 days to complete, Chinese warehouse delivery,

   paid parcels usually take 7 to 15 days to complete delivery. Free express delivery usually takes 30-35 days.

   Please pay special attention to the fact that some of the pre-sale goods will be marked as pre-sale goods, and the pre-sale goods preparation time is 30 days. Usually, you will receive the goods within 2 months.

16. When you pay the order, your debit will be deducted. At this time, your order is in the state of payment and waiting for processing. We need some time to prepare your goods and complete delivery.



Withdrawal from the contract

1. A buyer who has concluded a purchase contract outside his / her business as a consumer has the right to withdraw from the sales contract.

2. The withdrawal period shall be 14 days

from the date of receipt of the goods,
from the date of receipt of the last delivery of the goods, if the subject of the contract is several kinds of goods or the delivery of several parts
from the date of receipt of the first supply of goods, if the subject of the contract is a regular repeated supply of goods.
3. The buyer can not, inter alia, withdraw from the purchase contract:

the provision of services if they were fulfilled with his prior express consent before the expiration of the withdrawal period and the seller had informed the buyer, before concluding the contract, that in this case he had no right to withdraw from the contract,
the supply of goods or services the price of which depends on financial market fluctuations, irrespective of the seller's will, which may occur during the withdrawal period,
on the supply of goods which has been adjusted according to the buyer's wish or for his person,
the supply of perishable goods as well as goods which have been irreversibly mixed with other goods after delivery,
the delivery of goods in closed packaging which the buyer has removed from the packaging and for hygienic reasons it can not be returned,
delivering an audio or video recording or a computer program if it has broken its original packaging,
delivery of newspapers, periodicals or magazines,
delivery of digital content if it was not supplied on a physical carrier and was delivered with the prior express consent of the buyer prior to the expiration of the withdrawal period and the seller communicated to the purchaser before the contract was concluded that in this case he had no right to withdraw from the contract,
in other cases mentioned in Section 1837 of the Civil Code.
4. In order to comply with the withdrawal period, the buyer must send a cancellation notice within the withdrawal period.

5. In order to withdraw from the purchase contract, the buyer may use the sample withdrawal form provided by the seller. Withdrawal from the sales contract will be sent by email to the buyer.

6. This is our refund account.:

0-1049161002/2700(CZK)   IBAN: CZ2227000000001049161002   BIC: BACXCZPP (80 Praha 1)   Bank: UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia, a.s.

0-1049161037/2700 (EUR)  IBAN: CZ4727000000001049161037   BIC: BACXCZPP (80 Praha 1)   Bank: UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia, a.s.

0-1049161045/2700 (USD)  CZ2527000000001049161045    BIC: BACXCZPP (80 Praha 1)   Bank: UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia, a.s.

7. When you request a refund, we need 7 to 15 working days to complete the refund. If you are in the European Union, it will usually be completed in 48 hours.




Eventual complaints are handled in accordance with applicable legal regulations. The Civil Code applies to natural persons. The Commercial Code for legal entities. All goods are covered by the statutory warranty period of 24 months under the Civil Code.

Entitlement to claim may be terminated if:
1. If the product has been damaged during transport. In this case, you must immediately deal with the carrier. The customer is not obliged to take over such goods from the carrier and must immediately inform the seller of the damage found.
2. The product has been damaged by improper installation or handling and operation inconsistent with the user manual.
3. The product was used under conditions that did not match the parameters and requirements stated in the documentation.
4. The product was damaged by the effects of natural elements.
5. The product has been damaged by excessive load or use in contravention of the conditions stated in the documentation.
6. The product has been damaged as a result of the connection to a network that does not comply with the ČSN.
Claim Procedure:
1. Tell us about the complaint by phone or e-mail.
2. The customer must ship the goods in person or send them as a parcel to the address of the place of purchase.
3. Here, the customer receives the claim sheet with the defect described by him.
4. In order to receive a claim, it is necessary for the customer to provide a proof of purchase (invoice, cash receipt) with the product claimed. It is also necessary to surrender one key from the product. For electrical equipment and charging source. These items will, of course, be returned to the customer as soon as the claim has been settled.
5. The goods must be delivered to the return center in proper condition and cleaned properly, otherwise the claim will not be accepted.
We will resolve your complaint as quickly as possible, but no later than within 30 days of its inception.


Cardholders responsibility regarding jurisdiction laws:  (Jurisdiction should be Czech Republic)

The cardholder shall remain responsible for notifying their issuing bank with any changes in details or fraudulent/not normal activities on their account.   no responsibility regarding any fraudulent activity on any customers cards/accounts used on this website.  We have taken all necessary steps regarding upholding pci dss compliance and remain objective in the case of cardholders bearing their own responsibility regarding jurisdiction laws.



The Site and its content are governed by the Laws of the Czech Republic and any disputes relating thereto are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the Czech Republic.”

Claim process

1. If your package is lost or damaged during transportation, you can contact our after-sales service Email: support@aviation.hk. If we find out that the package is really lost, we will refund you within 72 hours. money will be refunded to your card.
2. If the size or color is wrong, please contact our after-sales email: support@aviation.hk within 7 days of receiving the package. You can choose to resend the correct model or cancel the order. If you cancel the order, please return the goods to our designated warehouse address, we will bear the return shipping cost. After more than 7 days, we believe that you have agreed to sign.

China Return Address:Jinye Group, Changzhi Road, Xiaodian District, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, China

European Return Address:Újezd nad Lesy, Novosibřinská 115, PSČ 190 16 Praha ,CZ

Details about after-sales: https://www.aviation.hk/after-sales/?___store=cs



Special Note: This clause is the highest priority clause and is used to supplement and replace any legal provisions.

1. Regarding the freight problem, we provide free shipping service in the Czech Republic. If you need to choose fast transportation service and transport to any other country other than Czech, we need to check the order and then tell you the shipping cost of this order, then you You will get a shipping payment link and complete the additional shipping payment. If the payment is refused, we will cancel the order within 7 days.